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Listening to Community Members at Mai Ndombe, D.R.C.

The Congo Basin in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest and largest carbon sink. The preservation of this forest spanning over 202 million hectares is essential to mitigate against the impacts of climate change, maintain regional biodiversity, and help sustain 80 million people.

Wildlife Works Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project in the D.R.C. protects over 740,000 acres of forest in partnership with the local community. Co-created by local leaders and our locally hired employees, the economic and social development programs impact over 50,000 community members.

Wildlife Works' successful conservation strategy is founded on the deep trust and partnership we build with the local community who we depend on to protect the forest in which they live.

Listen to community members and leaders speak for themselves about how the project has impacted their way of life in this webinar hosted by Everland and Innovation Forum.

or, LISTEN to the conversation here.

The webinar included: two Indigenous community leaders–Chief Basabo Booto of the Indigenous Batwa Pygmies in the village of Ikita; Chief Bantu Bola Bakali Ba Wema who is Chief of the Lokanga Groupement in the village of Lokanga–alongside Dr. Jean-Robert Bwangoy Bankanza Bolambee, Wildlife Works’ DRC Country Director; Engokulu Wanza, President of Grand Local Development Community for Lokanga; Dr. Bosenge Nswele, a medical practitioner in the community; Erasme Mboba, a teacher at a school funded by the Mai Ndombe project; and Anne Bokutu Bolekoka, a mother and community member.

The panelists provided insights on the real impacts they’ve seen on the ground during the first 10 years of the 30-year project.

*note, panelists refer to project developer as ERA Congo, which is now a Wildlife Works subsidiary, and previously, the partner with whom we launched the Mai Ndombe REDD+ project.


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