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Our Model: Community-Centered Carbon Finance


Want to start a REDD+ project? Wildlife Works  is fully funded to start new forest projects that provide conservation financing for forest communities to protect their forests and carbon assets. If you have a forest project you would like to consider, we are looking for new forest projects that meet the following criteria:


  • A large contiguous forest area with viable carbon stock, and the possibility to expand over time.

  • A community that would benefit from a REDD+ project (we believe forest communities are the key to stopping deforestation. We also think communities should own their carbon stock.  Revenues from carbon should therefore flow back to the community for forest protection, community health, education, women’s empowerment, and other needs to be defined through a community stakeholder process).


Additionally we look for:


  • NGO partners that know the area and have worked with local communities.

  • Governments who are willing to explore REDD+ as part of their effort to stop climate change and support the creation of jobs for local communities that support the preservation of intergenerational ecosystem services.

  • Forest areas with high conservation value or biodiversity value.

  • Forest areas that can act as corridors or safe-havens for the restoration of wildlife.

  • Forest areas in the path of deforestation, which can be protected through REDD+.



If you are a community, a government or an NGO and you have a particular forest area in mind for a REDD+ project, please contact us with the subject title "new project". We will respond within 48 hours. Please put New Project in the title of your email.



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