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The Voluntary Carbon Market is a strategic opportunity for the host governments   to:

access climate finance on your own terms 

work with private sector companies as equal partners, not as donors

use conservation to fund self-determined development while contributing to global climate and sustainability goals

fund national and local development at a level that is transformative and has generational impacts

Why partner with us?

Wildlife Works is a leader in designing nested REDD+ projects that ensure host countries can use this funding mechanism to meet their policy, climate, conservation and development goals.

We have a 25 year track record that has made us the trusted partner to forest communities and governments.

As globally recognized experts in REDD+, we are trusted consultants to governments interested in national REDD+ frameworks that nest projects into their jurisdictional programs.

We facilitated the ERPA signing between the World Bank FCPF Carbon Fund and the Government of the DRC, making the Mai Ndombe ER Program the first program in the world to successfully nest a project within a jurisdictional program.


Our revenue share model aims to support host countries’ goals to provide economic and social development for local communities through fair revenue share agreements, while financing the host country’s ambitions towards a green transition.

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docoratice vector image


We have a tried and true project development and implementation process that allows us to tailor  to the needs and culture   of each location while also working efficiently to begin generating revenue from the project for our in-country partners.

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We have a exceptional and direct sales strategy  through our exclusive sales company, Everland Marketing that identifies and builds long-term relationships with climate-ambitious corporate customers and investors. We have funding in  place with Hartree Partners to develop a new portfolio of 20 projects around the world that will reduce emissions by 20 million tons CO₂e per year and provide USD $2 billion in finance. 

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We designed a novel method for baseline allocation that distributes national Forest Reference Emission Levels (FREL) according to future risk of deforestation. This method of nesting projects into jurisdictional programs ensures that national governments can effectively use the Voluntary Carbon Market to concentrate the financial incentives in forest areas with the highest risk while contributing to their National Determined Contributions.

Read more about his method in our DRC Best Practices Framework.

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Contact us if you’re part of a national government looking to implement REDD+ to achieve your conservation and development goals.

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