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Throughout our 25+ year journey to transform the way conservation is  done, we have co-founded and partnered with other eco-businesses to help achieve our mission.

Wildlife Works Eco-Factory

Wildlife Works began as an eco-factory at the Kasigau Corridor project in Kenya. Today, the eco-factory employs 70 full-time employees and produces clothing with organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes sustainable brands all over the world

Wildlife Works Apparel

Wildlife Works now has it's own apparel line of clothes made at the eco-factory. We have a retail store located in Nairobi, Kenya


Hadithi Crafts partners with over 1800 women from the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project's community and creates a market for their handmade crafts.

Rukinga Conservancy Eco-Lodge

The Rukinga Conservancy (also known as Kivuli Camp) is an eco-lodge which welcomes guests from all over the world.

Stand for Trees

Wildlife Works’ founder Mike Korchinksy helped found Stand for Trees to create a platform for direct consumer purchases of carbon credits

Elephant Origins Tea

Elephant Origins Tea helps ensure that tea growers and elephants can coexist and thrive. Our founder, Mike Korchinsky, is on the board of this organization.

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