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ITN TV Interviews Community Leaders and Our Founder

Our project community leaders and our founder were interviewed by ITN TV to share more insight into our work.

Watch the full interview here:

“Traditional climate solutions around the world are generally rooted in the inequity of our global society towards local communities in the global south. They’ve suffered mightily already from climate change and our feeling is that they need to be at the center of climate solutions.”

Mike Korchinsky

Founder and CEO

Wildlife Works

“According to my experience with Wildlife Works, I’ve seen that they work differently from other organizations. We do is community-based and community-oriented. Before undertaking any projects, we have to do public participation. This is very different from other people who just plant projects without asking what the community really requires.”

Seraphine Charo

Marungu Location Carbon Committee Representative

Wildlife Works Kasigau REDD+ Project

“We took the option of joining the REDD process because it protects forests. REDD protects biodiversity and reduces the destruction of our forests so that we can live well.”

Bola Bakali Ba Wema

Village Chief of Lokanga Location

Wildlife Works Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project

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