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Mai Ndombe and Kasigau REDD+ Projects Selected as NCS Lighthouse Projects, Beacons for Quality

To scale up high-quality Natural Climate Solutions (NCS), it has become mission-critical to build trust among different stakeholders. In recent years, concerns about the integrity of NCS credits have been raised repeatedly, focusing on measurement, additionality, leakage, permanence, baseline setting, verification and equitable benefit sharing. However, with more than 20 years of international efforts to generate and trade NCS credits, great strides have been made in addressing these issues.

The NCS Lighthouses build trust by highlighting NCS examples which also generate positive outcomes for nature and people. They elevate the successful human, community, business and environmental stories behind these initiatives and shine a light on what investing in best practice looks like on the ground.

In order to ensure that NCS Lighthouses provide a true beacon for best practice, the NCS Lighthouses are selected based on screening criteria developed by an NCS Alliance Taskforce comprised of NGOs, businesses and solution providers, which have demonstrated alignment to the NCSA's quality principles for NCS credits, as presented within 'Natural Climate Solutions for Corporates'


We get our food from the forest, but these resources were becoming depleted. By protecting our forest through conservation we can get them back. Chief Basabo Booto, Wildlife Works Mai Ndombe

Nobody believed us first. We were bringing a different model, one that tells people you don't need to cut trees or clear land. JR Bwangoy, Head of DR Congo Wildlife Works


We go back to the people and ask them what they need. What we do as a committee is simply to prioritize the projects that have been mentioned during the public participation. Seraphine Charo, Wildlife Works Kasigau REDD+ Project

If there's a natural disaster or a reason tourism stops or donors stop giving then we see huge conservation areas really brought to their knees. The carbon market brought the prospect of an alternative revenue stream for conservation. Jamie Hendriksen Wildlife Works Kasigau REDD+ Project


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