The cost to offset shipping raw materials, finished goods to distribution centers and then to customers is economical and impactful.

 1lbs box air shipped anywhere across the U.S. : $.05

1000 kg shipment trucked 3,000 miles across the U.S. :  $11

2000 kg sea shipped across 9,000 miles: $27

Add the carbon neutral shipping logo at check out, after payment, or in your order confirmation email to foster customer loyalty and goodwill.

Feature your carbon neutral shipping program on the home page to introduce your customers to your sustainability programs and goals.

We can provide marketing support to tell your carbon neutral story.

Laundering accounts for 40-80% of a piece of garment’s total green house gas emissions during its entire life cycle. Set your customers on the right path towards a lighter carbon footprint by offsetting the shipping of their product, then provide them with product care and lifestyle tips on how to decrease their carbon footprint.

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