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Wildlife Works brings extensive expertise and invaluable lessons learned from our pioneering REDD+ work over the past decade that allows us to offer consulting services for Governments or private sector organizations wishing to develop, register and manage their own REDD+ programs.

Wildlife Works has sourced and managed tens of millions of dollars in private sector resources to fund conservation projects around the world for over 20 years. We wrote the first REDD+ methodology and were the first project developer to issue VCS / CCB REDD+ credits in 2011 for our Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project in Kenya. In 2012, we issued the first VCS / CCB verified credits in the DR Congo for our Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project. We have managed the entire life cycle of both projects and work directly with and as intermediary between governments, NGOs, private sector actors and community stakeholders.


We have a distinct focus on how to maximize the economic benefits from REDD+ first to forest communities and then to all other stakeholders required to ensure continued institutional support for REDD+. This begins with designing alternative livelihoods and community governance structures, sourcing and implementing appropriate climate smart technologies, performing technical work such as establishing reference levels and calculating carbon stocks, and most importantly, remaining on the ground working side by side with forest communities and our project partners for the life of the project. We offer unique expertise at all levels of the REDD+ development process, from targeted, local engagement at the project level to National or jurisdictional REDD+ program development.

Wildlife Works REDD+ Projects

Consulting at any stage for governments, companies and project developers. 


Origination and feasibility analysis


Project/Program development:

  • Project/Program Design

  • Project Documentation

  • Validation management

  • MRV

  • 1st Verification management


Credit registration, issuance, registry management


Project management

  • activity design & management

  • MRV


Recurring verification


Issue credits & vintage management


Sales & marketing

Wildlife Works REDD+ Projects
Wildlife Works REDD+ Projects

See our current consulting projects here.


We actively source new projects and have promising ones in our pipeline. If you're interested in speaking to us about our consulting services, please contact us. 

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