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Good Day Oregon KPTV, December 12, 2001, "Green Gifts"

InStyle Magazine, December 2001, "Creature Comforts"

Fox 5 Live New York, December 2001 , "Green Gifts"

Organic Style Magazine, November/December 2001, "101 Great Green Gift Ideas"

The Early Show-CBS, November 21, 2001, "The Hib Report"

Environment Magazine, September 2001, "Made in Africa"

The San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, August 26, 2001 , "The Call of the Wild"

The Los Angeles Times, Friday, August 17, 2001, "Species of T-Shirt is Organically Grown"

Good Day LA-FOX, August 6, 2001, "Style File Must Haves"

The Early Show-CBS, August 2, 2001, "Having Eco-Friendly Beauty"

Eyewitness News-KPIX, June 21, 2001, "Wild T-Shirts"

Lohas Journal Magazine, May/June 2001, "Eco-Manufacturing Under an African Sky"

Green@Work Magazine, May/June 2001, "Hey, Wake Up!"

The San Jose Mercury News, April 27, 2001, "Clothing With a Message"

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The Sunday Oklahoman, April 22, 2001, "Animal Magnetism"

The Houston Chronicle, April 15, 2001, "Ideas & Trends"

New Age Magazine, March/April 2001, "The Goods"

ForbesFYI Magazine, Spring 2001, "Adam Smith's Safari World"

Honey Magazine, February 2001, "Natural Wonder"


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