About the Founder


In 1986 Mike Co-Founded and built one of the leading management consulting companies in the US, Axiom Management Consulting, which was successfully sold in 1995 to Cambridge Technology Partners (Novell) a NASDAQ company. Axiom specialized in Business RenewalSM, a proprietary process for helping Fortune 1,000 corporations to redesign their business operations to make them faster, more flexible, and better able to support profitable growth.

During a trip to Kenya in 1996, Mike learned about the conflict that existed between wildlife and rural communities. This experience caused him to think about effective ways to solve this problem and ultimately led him to developing a plan that would protect wildlife in a direct and unique way; by providing people in wildlife rich areas with sustainable economic alternatives to poaching and slash and burn agriculture. This would be accomplished by creating jobs.

Mike founded Wildlife Works in 1997 on the principle that the needs of wildlife must be balanced with the need for work for those local communities who share their environment with wildlife.

Mike looked for an area with a high threat to the wildlife to best test his new model. Mike established a Wildlife Works conservation area named Rukinga Sanctuary in South East Kenya in a wildlife corridor between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, known as the Kasigau Corridor. At the base of the Rukinga Sanctuary Mike built an eco-factory to produce casual apparel. Over 100 jobs were created from the conservation efforts and the eco-factory and over time the wildlife populations began to increase and flourish.

In 2008 in response to new developments with the United Nation's REDD+ initiative, where carbon markets could have a role in financing forest conservation, Mike launched a new venture Wildlife Works Carbon LLC, to pursue more rapid expansion of the Wildlife Works Conservation model through the sale of REDD+ carbon credits.

Mike is a Canadian citizen who when not traveling to the threatened forests of the world, is a resident of Northern California. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Birmingham University, England.



Protecting + Forests + Wildlife + Community since 1997.

Wildlife Works is the world's leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), project development and management company with an effective approach to applying innovative market based solutions to the conservation of biodiversity. REDD+ was originated by the United Nations (UN) to help stop the destruction of the world's forests.